Here is some feedback from class participants:

"I really enjoyed very much and I recommend to anybody."

"I really loved Pilates, found it so relaxing and want to make it part of my weekly routine."

"Really enjoyed it - brilliant instructor."

"I found the course very relaxing and a great way to start the week. The exercises were gradual and easy to follow. The 'relaxed stretching' certainly suited my aged hockey limbs!!! Before the course I found driving unconfortable after an hour or so but of late everything seems fine...! For that alone the Pilates was worth it."

"A great way to re-energise!!!"

"Has helped with my bad back."

"Juliet creates a happy and friendly environment in which to learn about sustainable exercise for life......and it's fun!!!!"

"Relaxed, friendly group, routines are varied so no time to get bored, just perfect!!!"

"I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the classes.

"I think you do a fantastic job, I just wish you lived nearer to me as I would do far more then!"

"Keep up the good work, really enjoy your classes, totally relaxing, friendly and music is excellent."

"Love the classes, thanks!"

"Great classes."

"I really enjoy your classes."

"Classes are the best I have ever been to - Juliet is so enthusiastic."

"I find the class good for me and I enjoy it."

"All sessions I attend give me a better level of fitness."

"I really enjoy the 2 classes I attend Latino Aerobics / Legs Bums & Tums. The two together work really well."

"So far I have really enjoyed my classes and intend to carry I love the atmosphere, very relaxed and enjoyable. keep up the good work." 

"I really enjoy your Dance Fitness class. the music you use is always up to date and has a great beat. I always get a good workout. the atmosphere is great and it is nice that because there are a lot of people, you don't feel stupid if you forget a move as somebody else somewhere has done the same. I also really enjoyed your thriller dance class, such a great night!"

 "I've attended several dance classes over recent years, but never found one as brilliant as yours!"

"I have really enjoyed your class (dance fitness) on Tuesday evening - one of the best I have been to."

"You are a great teacher with lots of enthusiasm which is catching."

"Really impressed with your class and your method of teaching."

"The class leader is extremely friendly, warm, positive and encouraging. Made me feel at ease and welcome. "

 "I have attended Ms Gorman's exercise classes for more than 2 years and have founf them very enjoyable and beneficial. They provide gentle exercise, well within the ability range of the oldet client. Juliet has a pleasant personality and is good at demonstrating and explaining the exercises. "

"Juliet goes beyond any other instructor I know: running classes through the holidays so I don't get stiff and lazy! She always smiles and makes exercise fun. She's amazing and I really value what she adds to my life."

"Juliet has somehow been the only person in all my 50 years to genuinely enjoy moving, lunging, sweating, stretching, balancing & high-kicking."